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Online Access

We have updated our system to provide you with a better online experience. We recommend using WFS eQuipt to view your accounts online. Below are the links to access WFS eQuipt online as well as the apps for your Apple or Android device. 

**If you have direct business with an annuity or mutual fund company, you will still need to access Vision 2020 to see those accounts. The link to view that consolidated report can be found on the bottom of the page**

If you need any assistance or have questions about what online reports would work best for your needs, please email Sean or call the office. 

Pershing Brokerage Accounts - WFS eQuipt

The eQuipt website enables you to view your Pershing accounts online, to establish eDelivery preferences for Pershing account communications (statements, confirms, tax documents, etc.), and to view market quote information and intra-day market activity for your accounts.

WFS eQuipt Client Guide

Pershing Brokerage Accounts - WFS eQuipt App

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can also download the WFS eQuipt app to access the resources on your mobile device. Follow the link below to download and login to the app.

eQuipt App Download For iPhone

eQuipt App Download For Android

Consolidated Reporting - One View

One View is a consolidated report of all of your accounts. Reports include current holdings, performance, and transactions. Registering and viewing your accounts is easy and convenient.

Log into Vision 2020 One View