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Hey Boomer Happy Mardi Gras

February 13, 2024

Starting today a record number of Americans turn 65 years old. Over 4.1 million boomers will be 65 this year - a pace that will continue through 2027. This "Silver Tsunami" of people reaching retirement age also has implications on the markets as they're going to spend trillions of dollars on goods and services no matter what the Fed does next or who's in the White House.

History shows that companies who dominate their marketplace and continue to offer goods that are considered "must-haves" will continue to lead us higher. 

As a side note from our good friend, Keith Fitz-Gerald, "history shows us that the stock market spends 83% of its time at or within 10% of all-time highs since 1927." (Source: Fitz-Gerald Research)

So as we enjoy our Mardi Gras feasts we will continue to focus on what's likely gonna happen and the path to gains will follow. 

Buy the best and ignore the rest!