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Tax Pricing

We want our clients to talk to us before they make a financial decision that has significant tax impact. Therefore, our pricing includes tax consultation, filing, as well as projections throughout the year.

Below is a detailed list of our tax services along with pricing.

$225 Basic Individual Return

If you don't have dependends, income adjustments, or itemized deductions

$300 Deluxe Individual Return

If you have dependents, investment income, IRA contributions, student loan payments, or itemized deductions

$425 Sole Proprietors and Landlord Base Return

If you are self-employed, have rental income (up to 2 properties), or any other business income. The pricing is subject to change depending on the complexity of the business or the number of properties. Please contact Aaron or Kevin directly to get a quote. 

Business Returns

Please contact Aaron or Kevin for pricing.

Fiduciary and Estate Returns

Please contact Aaron or Kevin for pricing.